• Jane Samuel

The Art of Not Knowing

It was by faith that Abraham obeyed ..... He went without knowing where he was going. Hebrews 11:8

I love the navigation app on my smart phone. It tells me where my destination is, how long it will take, and the best way to get there. But Abraham went without knowing. No “maps” no “google, “no “internet”, no “atlas.” He believed God. And it was accounted to Him for righteousness.

Oh how have we lost this art! Can you remember the last time you visited a restaurant or stayed in a hotel without reading the reviews and scanning few blogs? Or purchased an item without first asking around? Yet, Abraham went not on a vacation, but permanent relocation. Why did Abraham do that? Because God asked him to. He believed what God said, and trusted The One who knew. Sometimes the only reviews we need to read are those of God. He has proven faithful to many saints who have lived before us. History is filled with records of His excellence, loyalty, patience, and love.

I am reminded of my own parents. With two small children, they left their jobs as professors in universities and opened up their empty home to pioneer a church in a city that was not their own. It makes no sense to the human mind. Yet it makes sense that 33 years later their ministry has impacted thousands. Only God can see that far. If we wait to see far beyond what our human eyes can possibly see we will be waiting a long time. But if we move based on the promise of His Word we will find the blessedness of trust, the reward of faith, and the joy that exceeds all expectation.

What area of your life is in the dark today? What part of your life seems unknown? Trust that area to The One who knows. He never fails.

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